alice McCALL

  • Analytics
  • CRO
  • SEO

  • The Client

    alice McCALL is high-end women’s fashion designer based in Sydney. What started in 2004 has now turned into a house-hold brand with 13 boutiques across Australia, 171 stockists worldwide, and an online store delivering premium clothing around the world.

  • The Objective

    Objective 1 – Migrate to a new website without experiencing a decrease in traffic and tracking.

    Objective 2 – Conduct technical and CRO analysis post-migration to improve traffic, conversion rate and revenue.

  • The Challenge

    Post-migration, the website experienced a number of usability and technical difficulties. To ensure that this did not lead to a drop in  revenue, we consulted to locate areas for improvement on the new website.

    International Targeting – 7 separate websites were launched to target specific countries. As part of this, we needed to ensure no loss of data and that each website would be picked up appropriately by search engines.

  • The Solution

    Technical Analysis – We took a fine-toothed comb through Google Analytics and managed to maintain all data throughout the migration process. This gave us everything we needed to complete a full technical audit and monitor the site effectively.

    User Behaviour Analysis – With user behaviour tracking tools we were able to look at how customers were behaving on the site in real-time. This analysis helped us to pinpoint improvements on specific devices and browsers to supply the recommendations directly to developers for fixing.

    Conversion Rate Optimisation – Going page-by-page allowed us to identify areas that could be hindering on-site experience. From this, we were able to find bottlenecks and assist in identifying crucial changes needed on the new website.

    Split Testing – Noticing that specific value propositions and unique selling propositions were not being used to their full potential, we recommended a number split tests as part of the migration. This is not typically part of a migration, but we knew it would be invaluable for the client and so we made room for testing within the scope.


  • 23%

    Increase in organic traffic post-migration

  • 34%

    Increase in online revenue

  • 113%

    Increase in transactions

The Result

A decrease in website traffic and revenue is a real risk for all online retailers when they make major site changes. However, through advanced technical SEO we enabled alice McCALL to shift to a new website without experiencing any reduction in traffic and tracking capabilities.

Our detailed CRO analysis also allowed us to quickly identify and fix conversion issues in the new site. Rather than having to simply wait out and speculate over any loss in revenue, we told alice McCALL what issues to target, fixed them quickly, and increased online revenue immediately after the shift.

Coupling that with successful international targeting, alice McCALL could reap the benefits of increased traffic and new visitors, freeing them up to continue creating their highly sought after, feminine designs.

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