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What is Alpha Foundations

Think of Alpha Foundations like a graduate program but not as you know it. Whether you’re fresh out of university, stepping into the professional world for the first time, more mature and looking to see if digital marketing is your next adventure, or somewhere in between - this program is designed to immerse you into the world of digital marketing to find your niche - and we are looking for the diamond in the rough.

Why do Alpha Foundations

Every year as our industry expands, the Alpha Foundations program adapts with it.

Digitally-focused and performance-driven by heritage, we set a high standard for ourselves on the experience and mentorship we can offer. We provide you with an invaluable foundation from which to launch your digital marketing career.

The ultimate goal of Alpha Foundations is to equip you with a breadth of knowledge across key specialty areas of digital marketing to find the niche that ignites your passion. Once you’ve found it, Alpha Foundations will set you up to embark on a rewarding career, guiding and empowering you to succeed. Based on the work you do as part of your cohort, high performance associates will be selected and offered a permanent full-time role in their chosen specialty.

When can I apply

Foundations program applications open June and November 2022 and the program itself starts in January 2023, running for 12 months until the end of the work calendar year. If you don’t quite make the deadline for this year’s intake, rest assured we’ll be doing it all again in 2023.

How does it work

The Alpha Foundations Program runs for 12 months from January until December and is split into two distinct phases - 'find what you love' and 'deepen your knowledge'.

The ‘find what you love’ block

During the first 6 months, associates rotate around each department in the business – Digital Experience, Paid Media, Creative and Client Solutions. At Alpha Digital, we expose our associates to a wide variety of digital marketing services to foster collaborative learning, curiosity, and then the opportunity to apply and iterate.

The ‘deepen your knowledge’ block

Based on exposure to each department and the work completed during the initial 6 months, associates will then be given the opportunity to spend the next 6 months deep diving into a preferred specialty department.

This time is all about immersing yourself in your chosen specialty area with more intensive training programs as well as providing the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned to deliver real value to clients.

Applications now open: apply today

The Foundations Project

A key part of the Alpha Foundations program is the Foundations Project. This project, completed in the final 6 months of the program, will give you the opportunity to show off what you’ve learned to both a real-life client and the team that nurtured you during your time at Alpha Digital. You’ll work with a mentor and Foundation program peers to deliver a client campaign project to the agency that showcases an application of the key skills you learned during the program. This is your time to shine!

Past Associates

Lily Blake - Former Alpha Foundations Associate

“The Foundations program was a wonderful opportunity for me to explore all facets of digital marketing and find my own passion. Everyone at Alpha Digital really empowered me to try new things and receive the best training in the industry, which definitely set me up for success. I would encourage anyone considering applying to go for it since it really is the best decision I have made for my career.”

Teshaya Turner - Former Alpha Foundations Associate

“The grad program was an invaluable opportunity I couldn’t recommend more highly. It provided me with in-depth foundational knowledge across the digital marketing landscape that I continue to use today. What’s more, the mentorship from the entire Alpha team fostered a safe environment where I was able to learn, ask questions and seek out areas of interest.”

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