June 29, 2017

Things we Slacked this Week #11

1. Facebook’s latest feature – hitting your screens soon

“MASSIVE!” Link to article

Facebook Feature

2. Coke Zero is back?

“This isn’t Coke Zero, it’s regular Coke with no sugar. Completely different” – Link to article 

3. There is nothing better than an SEO joke and Mr Bean combined

SEO jokes

4. The SEO team delved into the world of Schema Mark-ups

“Welcome to the home of Structured data” 

5. This article about Google…

“Wow”  Link to article


6. The ultimate checklist for local SEO

“This is a great checklist. Check it out.” 

SEO Checklist

7. This article about the Global Ransomware Virus that impacted the World this week

“Don’t forget to update your computer” Link to Article

8. Gif of the week

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