June 26, 2017

Things we Slacked this Week #10

1. This infographic on website ranking factors

“Really helpful infographic on increasing/decreasing ranking factors for SEO” – Link to Infographic 

SEO ranking factors

2. Google continues to grow

“And just like that, Google becomes the World’s largest job board” – Link to article 

3. Always looking at ways to improve our individual productivity

“If anyone is looking for a To-Do list app – there’s one called Todoist that looks good” – Link to app 

Image result for todoist

4. This great movie

“***Not a real movie” 

5. This article about robots.txt files

“Interesting read about robots.txt”  Link to article

Can search engines read JavaScript - Alpha Digital-min

6. Another Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer


7. Reliving this great interaction between two of our colleagues

“Chris S: “It was this problem where I couldn’t get into the website because of the cache to fix the cache.”

Kim M: “Cache 22 you could say””

Everyone else: 

8. Gif of the week

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