June 2, 2017

Things we Slacked this Week #7

1. Continually working to improve our clients’ sites

“Really interesting method of improving page speed”View Article


Domain Sharding

2. Giving/receiving feedback is hard

“I highly recommend everyone give this podcast a listen. It’s an interview with Kim Scott who has worked at Google and Apple University, and wrote the book Radical Candor”  – Link to podcast 

3. The blues may have won State of Origin Game 1 but the Brisbane office was in full spirit

“Our logo for Facebook on Wednesday” 

Alpha Digital Maroons Logo

4. An article that made all of us think twice abut whether we really need a new shirt

“I’ll go shirtless for the environment and do my bit.”View Article

5. Getting our Google Premier Partner Awards submissions completed and submitted

“A big shout out to Chris L, Amir, Nick and Matt for working with me to get this done – Sam”View our case studies

6. Gif of the week

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