May 19, 2017

Things we Slacked this Week #5

1. For the digital marketing students

Matt’s recap of the speech he gave to the Marketing, Advertising and PR students of QUT on Tuesday.View Article

Matt Cooper

2. The app that helps you make your writing bold and clear

“Game changer” View Tool 

Hemmingway app

3. Lunchtime handball is a serious* sport

*see gif

4. A guide for SEO opportunities using structured data & schema mark-ups

“For whomever is interested” – View Article


5. Listening to music at work has never looked so good

“For anyone looking to get onto Spotify, this is a great deal”View deal

6. We are will be experts at Putt-Putt

7. The Chrome extension that allows you to reply to important emails without getting distracted from other non-work related ones

“For people who use Gmail as their email platform but don’t want to have it opened 24/7”View extension

Check Plus

8. Gif of the week

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