April 28, 2017

Things we Slacked this Week #2

1. Google reaffirms 15% of searches are new, never been searched before

“Long tail keywords are growing in importance”View Article

2. Google Home now helps you cook over 5 million recipes

“Highlighting the future’s dependence on structured data in SEO.”View Article

3. How In-Home Package Delivery Could Save E-Commerce

“Would you allow this?”View Article

4. Magikcraft

“A really cool start up in Brisbane that is picking up some traction.”View Article

5. Search Marketing Summit

“One of our team members will be attending the Search Marketing Summit 2017 next week”View Event

6. See what the internet knows about you

“A website that tells you the segments you fall into based on your cookies”With this tool

7. Closing the Gap Between In-store and Online Experiences

View Article

8. Facebook Advertising – Star Ratings in Ads

View Article

9. What is a Customer Mental Model?

Learn Here

10. GIF of the week

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