April 20, 2017

How I.T. Gave me a Leg Up in Marketing

In the modern knowledge-based economy, being able to learn new skills and adapt to changing client needs is a necessity. What companies and individuals require to stay at the top of their game is constantly changing. It has become increasingly clear that the core concepts taught in University courses and introductory textbooks are only a starting point. Since starting my job as an SEO Executive at Alpha Digital, I’ve realised just how important my dual Business and Information Technology degrees have been, and also how essential it is to stay open-minded and willing to learn new skills.

People are often surprised by my choice of dual degree, but are quick to see the value in the unique skill set that it provides. I hadn’t yet realised just how important the intersection between IT and Marketing was until I started working in the digital marketing industry.

“There is a lot more to digital marketing than just applying practices learnt in a textbook.”

Digital Marketing is a broad term that encompasses a range of methods that are used to promote brands online. This can be done through social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, digital advertising (with banner ads, YouTube ads, etc.), Search Engine Optimisation and many other techniques.

While it’s possible to be a successful digital marketer without knowing a great deal about information technology, I have found that my technical knowledge is tremendously useful. At Alpha Digital, I work in the content marketing sphere where we create content on a daily basis to make web pages more visible. While it’s important to be able to apply marketing and communication skills to these tasks, you cannot underestimate how important it is to know how users interact and engage with websites. By doing this work I have been able to combine the Human Computer Interaction skills of an IT professional with the communication knowledge of a marketer to create uniquely engaging online content.

Knowing how to code and make changes in the backend of websites is a vital skill in the digital marketing industry. I’m not saying you need to get an IT degree, but you should definitely consider adding some technical skills to your arsenal. Try these Code Academy courses to get you started in the right direction. You’ll thank me later.



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