November 28, 2016

What you need to know about the Instagram Shopping Update

We have all witnessed the rise of Instagram as well as experienced countless updates and improvements to the social sharing app. With several technological advances on the horizon, Instagram is not holding back in terms of adaptation. Constantly updating the widely-used platform with new features such as; advertising carousels, customised news feeds and Instagram stories. With the latest of these updates making those of us in the social media department very impatient as we are busting to give it a go!

Are you ready? Here it is…

Currently still in the testing phase is Instagram’s latest update which features an in-app purchasing system. Remember the tag feature where you’ll often see a collection of your favourite brands? This feature will work in a similar way. As mentioned this addition is still in the testing stage, but that hasn’t stopped our excitement for this newest addition! Those of us in the Social Media department just can’t stop thinking about how much this is bound to increase both ROI and CTR from within the social sharing app itself. Without the need of outside apps and long lists of details beneath each post (not to mention how easy this is going to make online shopping on a personal level!).

How it’s going to work

Instagram has released a few examples (pictured below) of how this feature will look and work as well as a short video example of the update in action. Basically, once an image is tapped it will pop up with a number of different tags which will display the name of the item as well as its price. After an item has been clicked the user will be diverted to a new page within Instagram which will contain the product name, price, company, shop now link and a short description. This secondary page will also allow the user to slide between each tagged product without the need to go back out to the original image and click on another product tag. Simplicity at its best.

Now for the fun part! Once clicking on the ‘shop now’ link the user is directed to the specific product on the company’s ecommerce website where users will then be able to purchase the item with just a few simple clicks.

How this will affect Instagram

A huge tool for both ecommerce companies and social media influencers who already make a living out of sharing images of themselves wearing several sponsored brands. This update allows social media influencers to cut out the middle-man by telling their followers exactly what they’re wearing and how much it will cost them in a way that appears the most natural and uncluttered. A big win for ecommerce companies and an even bigger win for Instagram who has done it once again!

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