August 4, 2017

SEO explained… using race cars

What is SEO? How does it work How do you do it? Let me explain… with race cars.  SEO is all about winning a race to be at the top of Google. There are 10 positions on page 1 of Google and you want to be in the pole position – you want to be 1st. I’ll break it down like this:

  • Racetracks = Google
  • Cars = Websites
  • Pit Crews = SEO’s

SEO’s help websites win on Google. In a similar way to how pit crews help cars win races.

Here’s how this plays out:

Let’s say you have just started a small legal practice in Kenmore and you specialise in wills, estates and conveyancing. You have a web developer build you a basic website with a few pages of content and a contact us form. You’ve been to a digital brisbane event and heard about SEO, so you go and meet an SEO company and they start by asking you what keywords you want to rank for.

When an SEO asks you about keywords, they are asking what race track you want to compete on. If you were to answer: “I’d like to rank for the word ‘lawyer’?” you’ve just said you want to compete with Formula 1 cars – lawyer gets around 10,000 searches per month. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to face facts and admit to yourself that your brand-new website with its 3-4 content pages and a contact form is the racecar equivalent of a go kart. No matter what SEO you do – you are never going to beat Wikipedia!! In the same way that no matter how good your pit crew is, if it’s working on a go kart, it will never beat a formula one car.

Your SEO digs a little deeper and asks what type of Law you practice and you explain wills, estates and conveyancing. You suggest the keyword “conveyancing lawyer” but this is still too competitive, getting around 400 searches per month and is like pitting your go kart up against V8 Supercars.

Eventually, your SEO asks intelligent questions and discovers you have a brand-new practice with only two lawyers, a part time admin assistant, and a 44sqm office in-between a Ray White and a News Agency in Kenmore. Your SEO suggests “conveyancing lawyer brisbane” as a keyword which gets 100 searches per month and now we finally have a local go kart track you have a chance to win on! You then find other racetracks and put together a circuit to compete on like: “conveyancing solicitor kenmore” “property conveyancing brisbane” “property lawyer brisbane” “kenmore property solicitor” “home conveyancing costs” and so on…So, you’ve got your keywords, it’s now time to get your racecar ready! Before you race you need to get a few things in place. Please see the below list of links and the attached PDF I presented to at a Digital Brisbane Event that steps you through SEO Setup and Ongoing Management using Race Cars.

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